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Helping you overcome the biggest challenges in fashion e-commerce
We talked to hundreds of brands. The challenges they are facing are essentially the same.
Boosting conversion rate

on both mobile and desktop while increasing sales against global players.

Lowering returns

which are a burden to online operations income statement.

Migrating to a mobile-first environment

with solid and native solutions.

Getting to know your customer

and even better those who don't buy. Being aware of why customers don't buy is the key to a better decision making.

Improving customer experience

to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Being ahead of market trends

to tackle seasonality in fashion.

Naiz Fit Size Form
The solution that helps your online visitors get a size recommendation instantly.

A simple and easy-to-implement solution to give an answer to the often wondered: What is my size?

  • Pop-up form which includes height, weight, gender, age and fit preference parameters.
  • Connected to Naiz Brain, our measurements Big Data for size recommendation.
  • Easy integration in your site, no matter the platform. As simple as Google Analytics.
  • Flexible and adaptable design. Conceived for the smoothest UX integration.
Naiz Fit Analytics
This solution allows you to know how customers are interacting with your products, what type of bodies and age groups they belong to and analyze the reasons why they most likely won’t find their size.
  • Product catalog management.
  • Served recommendations analysis.
  • Find out the untapped sales potential that your current size split is leaving behind.
  • Traffic and Conversion Analysis, comparing sessions with and without the use of Naiz Fit technology.
  • Aggregated data on body type interactions per product.
  • Purchase cohorts from the first session a user gets size recommendation.
  • Geographical analysis based on IP data.
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